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Caseflex Leather Cover with Hand Strap

Caseflex Leather Cover with Hand Strap


Quick Description

•ÈÀfor iPad Air and iPad Air 2

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, this durable and reliable leather iPad Air case is guaranteed to provide the most stylish protection for your new tablet!

First and foremost, the case is easy to use - a handy clasp function makes it a cinch to open and close, ensuring easy access to the touchscreen of your device. It couldn't be easier to fit it to your iPad Air, either - just slot the tablet into the internal holder and close its clasp, and it'll never fall out of place!

Once fitted, the leather cover provides some of the best protection around. Its sturdy enough to withstand scratches and scuffs, and even provides some defence against the danger of dropping your tablet. However, drops should be less of a worry; the faux-leather exterior of the case feels great in the hand, and ensures the most comfortable and enduring grip!

It's not just great for defence, though. What makes this one of the best iPad Air cases around is its numerous utility features! The inside of the case has storage slots on its left-hand side, opposite the iPad. There's enough space to store your bank card and any loose change, in addition to any peripherals for your tablet, such as the charger or an accompanying stylus pen!

A cut-out in the back portion of the case allows you to access the rear-facing camera of the iPad, which means you can even take photographs and video footage while the case is equipped. This guarantees constant convenience as you operate your device!

Providing the perfect blend of defence, convenience and utility, this is definitely one of the best iPad Air cases that money can buy!

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