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2017 Buying Advice from Freestyll "The incorporation of Touch ID technology brought the Mini 3 to the top of the range without any real bump in spec from the 2. Buy if you want a portable iPad with Touch ID functionality or just really want a Gold iPad Mini and don’t want to pay for the newest model."

Apple's perfectly portable smaller tablet maintains all the power, style and vibrancy of its predecessor while adding the groundbreaking Touch ID functionality into the mix.

The iPad Mini 3 is the ideal tablet for those who find the full sized device a bit cumbersome and it's sparkling 7.9" Retina Display, Apple A7 processor and impressive battery life mean it deals with even the most data heavy of tasks with ease.


Touch ID

Apple's super convenient Touch ID function makes it's debut on an the smaller tablets with the iPad Mini 3 bringing the latest model of super portable tablets bang up to date for all your one touch needs. One-finger transaction and unlocking have become the norm on the iPhone and it's easy to see why, as it brings an easy, yet ultra secure way to access your device direct to your fingertips.


7.9" Retina Display

The iPad Mini 3's ultra clear 2,048x1,526-pixel Retina Display maintains its position as one of the best smaller screens available, however it can also compete with the best ereaders on the market with it's superb, book-like form, ambient light sensor and four-orientation screen rotation. The spectacularly sharp, great from all angles display was a revolution in how you could view media on the iPad Mini 2 and the Mini 3 maintains that glorious screen technology.


Apple A7 processor

The iPad Mini 3's nifty Apple A7 64-bit (Cyclone ARMv8-A) 1.3GHz processor maintains the comfortable performance of last year's full size iPad Air. While its PowerVR G6430 M7 quad-core graphics processor and 1GB RAM means it deals with high intensity media and gaming with plenty of ease and without running your battery down too much.


Best Design in Category

The iPad Mini 3 retains that delightfully sleek, slimline design of the previous models; light, ultra-portable, wafer thin, compact, truly comfortable to use and now available in gold.


5MP iSight camera

The 5MP rear-facing iSight camera and front-facing Facetime HD camera, combined with the iPad Mini 3's comfortable handleability means that taking photos on your iPad has never been easier; whether you're chatting to your friends face-to-face, taking family snaps or, of course, selfies it's never been easier.


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