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iPad tips and tricks...

Posted by Hakeem Shittu on

I have come to realised that there are some excellent features on the iPad/iPad Pro that many users don't know even know about. Check out this bite size simple instructions on how to do more with your iPads.

1. Secure Notes

You can now protect the Notes on your iPad from prying eyes especially if you have classified information to note down.

Simply do this by going to Settings > Notes > Password to set a password

To lock a Note, Simply go to the Note > Select the Share Button and Click on Lock Note

To Unlock the Note, You can either use Fingerprint/Touch ID (if available) or password

Only thing to note is that this feature will only currently work on Notes saved on iCloud


2. Panorama Photo (Start from Right)

Most people just follow the camera to the Left to take Panoramic Photos, You can simply start the Pano image from the Right by clicking on the White Arrow on the screen.

This allows you to start the Photo from the other direction, giving you more flexibility over the Photo.



3. Dictation (Through Keyboard)

For me, this is probably the most exciting feature of the new iOS as the inquisitive nature of the dictation feature is unparalleled (You can speak Punctuations!!!) based on the number of devices I have tested this feature on.


You can activate dictation by clicking on the Microphone on the keyboard just beside the space bar as shown in the Photo below.

iOS Keyboard

Now say the following "Hello Ken comma, next line It has been a very long year and i will like to come and visit you in November, full stop next line, Will you be available on the 12th of November question mark, next line, next line best regards next line Donald" and wait for the magic to happen.


I can guarantee that at least 97% of the sentence above is presented correctly with the punctuations in the right places. The more you use the feature, the better you get and the easier it gets for you to create your Autobiography using your iPad.


4. Handwritten Notes

If you are lucky to get an Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro (currently £99), second hand ones will do (check


All you have to do is download Penultimate from the App Store and you have yourself the closest you will have to Pen and Paper.


The hand writing feature is so good that you will only need your iPad for the 3-4 years you will be spending at University.

The amount of pressure you applied to the iPad Screen using the Pencil indicates how thick the line shown on the screen.

Try the feature and let me know what you think.

More to come...

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