3 Reasons We're Not On Gadget Recycling Comparison Sites

by Stewart McGrenary

Its a common question among our customers who have found us from a word of mouth referral or google search as to why we are not on comparison websites. "I wish I had found you guys years ago!" While all leading comparison sites do a good job of signing up as many companies as they can, unfortunately they have their problems. Here's why our recycling sites ipad-recycle.co.uk and plunc.com (the 2 most trusted recycling sites in the UK, we like to boast!) are not on comparison websites.

1) They are not transparent about which companies operate commercial downgrading (the fancy way of saying they quote one price then drop considerably because of light wear and tear). The problem is almost all recycling companies now do this partly because the comparison sites don't inform customers. If you look at the top prices on sellmymobile and comparemymobile comparison sites you can see (with some research) that they are usually all from companies who reduce their offer based on condition. Sadly, often the recycling company themselves have no transparency on this.

2) Comparison sites are expensive, they generally take around 5-7% commission on each click they send through to the recycling site. That's EACH CLICK, which includes clicks which don't result in a device being recycled. Generally the price you get is at least 15% lower as a direct result of comparison site commission. Its little wonder recycling sites look to cut corners. Comparison sites play an important role when they do it right, but we feel this is too big a slice.

3) The sites themselves are very poorly policed. Comparison sites allow companies to rebrand or create multiple sub brands and get started right away without any marketing budget or brand reputation. As a result fly-by-night enterprises are regularly to be found on these sites, making offers on devices which they have no intention of paying, or paid weeks after the fact- and only if you chase! We are not aware of ANY comparison site which runs test submissions on recyclers. They rely solely on customer reviews which are easily manipulated by unscrupulous companies.

Here at Phonesmart Ltd we are passionate about giving our customers the best possible value, and that means paying the most amount possible to our customers with the very best service. This is why you won't find us on comparison sites any time soon :)