Beware iCloud Unlock Scam Websites

by Stewart McGrenary

It would be a very useful tool in the office but unfortunately there is no way to override Apple Activation Lock.

A quick google search of "icloud unlock service" brings an array of adwords for professional looking websites offering exactly that. The problem with all these sites is that if you dig a bit deeper there are some serious red flags.

1) No recognised payment gateways. Paypal, Sagepay or Braintree etc should be offered as credit card payment options on any legit website taking payments.

2) "Reviews" that don't include links to external sites, or worse, a review site has been invented to create an external review reference. Real reviews should link to Trustpilot, or another well recognised review site. A full reviews website is quite some length to go to by a scammer, but these days its much easier than it used to be..

3) The false reviews reference "delays in processing" but mostly it worked out in the end. Eventually the site is shut down but only when a sufficient number of people realise they have been scammed.

4) Trust Logos like "verified shops" which don't actually link to a known parent site for approval. Click the links and see where they take you, they are often broken links. Remember any coder can put any logo on their site.

5) It will be big news if there is a tool which can get round activation lock - you will hear about it from tech blogs. Some claim not to be scamming by taking a "pre-order" for when it's possible (read the small print). Its still a scam, don't touch them!

Hope we helped some of you guys :)