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What iPad do I have?

Posted by Iain Dawson on

So, you’re looking to trade in your old iPad, you bought it years ago and can’t quite remember what model it is. Here’s a simple guide to identifying what device you have.

iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Pro

This one you’ll probably know, but iPads now come in three different screen sizes; the 7.9” iPad Mini, the 9.7” standard iPad and the huge new 12.9” iPad Pro. If you can’t tell by simply looking at them just measure the display diagonally corner to corner. iPad size comparison The model

There are now six variations of the standard sized iPad, most have easily distinguishable features, while others are a bit more difficult, here’s our pointers to identifying your exact model without looking up model numbers:

iPad 1 - this is the only iPad without a camera.

Ipad 1

iPad 2 and iPad 3 - these iPads are the most similar to the naked eye, they both have the old 30-pin charge post, so if your iPad has this and a camera it’s one of the two. The only realistic physical way to differentiate the two is the size of the rear facing camera, the iPad 2 camera has a 5mm diameter, while the iPad 3 is closer to 7mm. Here’s a more comprehensive guide to telling the difference between these two.

iPad 4 - this is the last iPad before the switch to the much lighter and slimmer iPad Air, but just to make sure your iPad will have black volume and power buttons and will use Apple’s reversible 8-pin Lightning cable.

iPad Air - this iPad is much lighter and slimmer than its predecessors, but it’s physical buttons will match the colour of the iPad’s shell and your Home button will not have Touch ID yet so a square will be located in the middle of it.

iPad Air 2 - This is the only regular sized iPad with Touch ID, you’ll have a one colour Home button, minus the square that used to appear. This is also the only regular sized iPad to not contain a mute switch.

iPad Mini 1 and iPad Mini 2 - The first of the 7.9” models weren’t the easiest to distinguish between, the only obvious difference is the small notch towards located towards the top centre, on the back of the Mini 2. Then old style Home button featuring an image of a square differentiates both from the preceding models. ipad-mini-1-2-backs iPad Mini 3 - This is the only iPad Mini that contains both a mute switch and the Touch ID Home button. iPad Mini 4 - This is the only iPad Mini currently that contains the Touch ID Home button, but does not have a mute switch.

iPad Pro - There’s only one iPad of this size currently available, so the 12.9” screen is a bit of a giveaway.

iPad Pro

Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and Cellular

Apple has always kept this reasonably simple, the cellular devices all have either a white or black plastic bar the runs along the top centre of the iPad shell, you could also look for a SIM card slot.

Cellular Memory

This one you’ll need to turn you iPad on for. Just go to Settings>General>About>Capacity (round the number up to 16, 32, 64 or 128)

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