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Sell your iPad at the Right Time!

Posted by Stewart McGrenary on

Deciding the right time to sell your iPad is a tricky business. Here are some useful tips!


1) Apple Launches... Like playing the stock market following the crowd is not a great move. After Apple have released a new model there is a huge increase in supply of the older devices. Consider selling your iPad before apple launch the new model. Apple also have a habit of continuing to sell, but reducing the price of the older model when the new one arrives.
2) High Spec Models... If you have the 64gb or 128gb models then the price drops very fast, especially when they are no longer the top model. Sell these as quick as you can or consider skipping a model and making do another year if you really need the high memory. In 2015 after the release of the iPhone 6s the 128GB versions of the iPhone 6/6+ dropped around £200 in 2 weeks!
3) Christmas... The best time to sell privately is the month of December. The final two weeks of Christmas shopping can see "surge" pricing, especially if you have original boxes and keep things mint condition. Mid January however sees a rush of unwanted gifts and trade ins, with very little demand from consumers. Great time to buy, worst time to sell!
4) iOS Updates... Keep an eye on Apple iOS updates as for older models they could be on the chopping block. We stopped selling the iPad 1 after it no longer accepted iOS firmware updates and was stuck on iOS 5. At time of writing the iPad 2 is still supported by the latest iOS firmware and therefore is holding its price remarkably well. This may change soon!
5) Do you need to upgrade? If your contract gives you a new model check the price and you might decide to stick with your current model! Most recycling sites now offer additional money for brand new devices.
6) Sell on eBay? Actually selling privately on eBay for iPhones and iPads is a bad move. High fees and bad buyer behaviour means its usually about the same bottom line, far less risky, and more convenient to trade in with a reputable recycling company. Try for the consistently highest paying of the reputable companies.

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