Announcing the iPad Pro Plus - never fall asleep on a Walking Dead marathon again!

by Iain Dawson

The long awaited follow up to the other week’s iPad Pro is set to be announced and the folks over at Apple have not only made an iPad with a huge vivid screen, but one that you’ll be able to watch 24-hours a day everyday - no it’s not an everlasting battery, it’s better than that; they’ve only gone and defeated sleep.

In a unique partnership with fatigue relief tablet company PRO PLUS the iPad has been rebranded iPad Pro Plus and remodelled to dispense caffeine tablets whenever the user shows any signs of drifting off.

This new facility allows specific Apps to utilise your selfie cam to judge whether you’re drifting off; if you’re showing signs of fatigue the iPad will prompt you to take a wee caffeine boost, however if it’s judged you’re already dead to the world your alarm will be set off, if this doesn’t work your iPad with give a thorough shake until you’re awake before offering you you the tabs - how the iPad shakes you has not been revealed yet, new Apple arms maybe?

Alternatively you can just tell Siri you’re tired and she’ll fire a couple in your lap.

So, if you urgently need to watch a full season of your new favourite show because all your friends are talking about it, but always fall asleep, your problems are now solved.

The function will be available on Apps such as Netflix, SkyGo and almost everything you wouldn’t want your mum knowing you’re using.