Apple threatened by Scottish tablet market

by Iain Dawson

Apple have threatened to take legal action after they learned gran’s all over Scotland were making their own homemade tablet.

This news came shortly after the discovery that the iPad is not the best selling tablet in the country, that title belongs confectionary company Lees of Scotland who claimed their bars of butter, sugar and condensed milk are “not threatened by Apple’s fancy baking tray”.

Apple have distributed cease and desist letters to every retired person in Scotland demanding they stop replicating their product and selling it at the likes of church fetes, bake sales and other community events.

Mrs Young, 67, from Dumfries upon receiving the letter was baffled commenting “I don’t know what they’re talking about, there’s no apple in tablet,” while Ms MacDonald, 72, from Anstruther commented “I’ve never had iPad tablet, is it any good?”

Apple refused to comment on the situation but are believed to be looking into launching the new iMacaroon in mid 2016.